About us

Grooms Grotto was founded on the belief that the groom and his wedding party deserve something better than a poor-fitting rental or an overpriced, “off the rack” suit. Recounting their own experiences over drinks at a bar in Newport, founders Matt Scord and Nick Meade aligned on a vision that would forever shake-up the industry and change the way men shop for their big day.

In 2014, Grooms Grotto was born.

Grooms Grotto has been revolutionizing the way grooms outfit themselves and their wedding party. Our goal is simple: design the perfect suits for your wedding—and have fun while doing it!.

  • Perfectly fitted suit to your taste and style
  • 100% Customized to fit any body type
  • The suit is entirely yours to keep
  • Create a memorable experience with your wedding party
  • Affordable pricing to fit every budget


At Grooms Grotto, we value the experience just as much as the quality of our suits. This is why “The Grotto” was designed to be a place where you can relax, have a beer, and catch up with your friends—all while being measured for your custom suit.

We invite you to experience The Grotto—you will not be disappointed!