Wedding Suits for Groom and Groomsmen

Getting wedding suits that fit you and groomsmen should be an experience that is part of your wedding day celebration. Our staff makes your fitting and ordering experience something for everyone to remember and enjoy.  We make getting tuxedos something to look forward to rather than a chore. Schedule your appointment.

Schedule an appointment or give us a call to discuss your wedding party fitting needs.

We have suits and tuxedos starting at just $350. We offer a suit that fits perfectly on you and your groomsmen and that you don't have to return after a night of celebrating! Part of your wedding experience should NOT be trying to gather up everyone's shoes, socks, pants, ties.... and all the other items that are included in your tuxedo outfit.

We also don't want your best man or your family carrying 30 pounds of tuxedos with them out of a hotel room to drop off before a deadline. No, we want you and all those you love to enjoy the morning as much as the evening before.

When you schedule a fitting party at the Grotto we make the days before the wedding something you will love as well.

Take a look at some of the wedding parties and custom suits we've created

grey custom groom and groomsman suits

These guys have a great classic grey look that we helped them match with a tie that matched the sunset of the wedding venue location.

a unique groom suit compared to groomsment

When you have a wedding party fitting with us you can see how the color choices of the groom tuxedo and groomsmen tuxedos will work with a non-traditional brown shoe choice.

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